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Remembering Maurice Sendak

 photo Screenshot2013-06-10at20531PM_zpse85ee733.png photo photo5-3_zps63f07cbe.jpgHappy Birthday to Maurice Sendak.
The American illustrator and author of widely loved children's books would have turned 85 today.

Ai Weiwei mural at Ebay HQ

 photo Screenshot2013-06-10at12904PM_zpsaa5c40a0.png photo Screenshot2013-06-10at13025PM_zps6cfd1869.pngFinished up this new mural of Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei mural over at Ebay HQ right before the weekend started. Installation is around 15 ft in height and saturated in bright hues.

“It’s about communicating. It’s about how we use the language which can be part of our history or part of other history, and how we transform it into today’s language." -Ai Weiwei


check out this little tale of the man with the can.

Visual Arts and Design Academy

 photo SBVADA_zps0e2b1e5e.png photo Screenshot2013-05-29at91750PM_zps2c8a8201.png

Spent last week at Santa Barbara High School's Visual Arts and Design Academy teaching the senior class. The best way to learn is by doing. So we put them to work on two murals located right outside their classroom door. For the first wall I created a mural based on the schools mascot. The second mural was designed and executed by the students themselves. Had a great time and learned a lot myself. Can't wait to work with VADA again! Thank you to Daniel Barnett and Calico Brown for reaching out and running the academy everyday. Thanks to all the students for your enthusiasm and hard work. Turned out great!

 photo blur-pic.gif