WOULDSTALK, Richmond Mural Project

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Going into Richmond, Virginia I didn’t know what to think. First arriving there I was like, what the hell is going on, where are we, who is this Shane guy, he’s crazy, he’s loud, he was sweaty.

Of course I was taken back as time went on. I got to understand that Shane from Art Whino is as dedicated to this art movement as much as any curator in a top position.

He’s down for his artists. Everyone gets what they need. Shane makes it happen.

I had a great stay. I hope my art stands the test of time and I hope to be invited back some time in the future.

Pink Snoopy and Wouldstalk is located at :
N 8th St & E Leigh St Richmond, VA 23219

with a total of 10 Wouldstalks spreading to 8 locations across the city.

Goshen St & W Marshall St Richmond, VA 23220

W Cary St & S Sheppard St 
Richmond, VA 23221

Brook Rd & W Leigh St Richmond, VA 23220

Meadowbridge Rd & Newbury Ave
 Richmond, VA 23222

4th Ave & Rowen Ave
 Richmond, VA 23222

Hull St & E 3rd St
 Richmond, VA 23224

W Broad St & Terminal Pl Richmond, VA 23220

June 29, 2014